QuickBooks Merchant Services


Intuit is an overall famous organization that creates and afterward sells bookkeeping, monetary, accounting, and last yet unquestionably not the least, charge prep programming and devices for helping little to moderate sized business houses in their every day bookkeeping tasks. Among the various items and administrations that Intuit has acquainted with the world throughout the years, QuickBooks Merchant Services is one such administration that fundamentally in charge of Mastercard installment handling for organizations.

Intuit has numerous items under the care of its that range from bookkeeping programming to purpose of offers devices. It is among the world chiefs in bookkeeping arrangements with best quality level programming, for example, QuickBooks. QuickBooks, as well, similar to its establishing organization, has differentiated throughout the years with bookkeeping and accounting answers for a wide range of customers and frameworks. One of these administrations is the QuickBooks Merchant Services. It is renamed as QuickBooks Payments and is in charge of MasterCard installment handling administrations.

The QuickBooks Merchant Services, presently known as QuickBooks Payments is various and exceptionally layered programming. QuickBooks Merchant Services has four unique components. Every one of these particular components has various rates of installment, barring the custom rates present for vendor handling.

The trap is that on the off chance that you don’t consolidate the QuickBooks accounting answers for dealing with your business exercises, it is of very little use to utilize QuickBooks Merchant Services for your MasterCard installment handling activities. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you do utilize the QuickBooks scope of instruments, the mix between the QuickBooks bookkeeping programming and QuickBooks Merchant Services is somewhat of a huge arrangement. Highlights, for example, invoicing, internet business, and even ACH backing are incorporated at entirely sensible costs. QuickBooks Merchant Services is an all encompassing administration that is made for expert specialist organizations and business houses. This administration is more qualified to the individuals who have a greater ticket measure. Littler dealers, for example, retail locations are not appropriate for this administration considering the costs that will be caused.

Products And Services From QuickBooks Merchant Services

QuickBooks Online Payments

The name here is pretty obvious. This version of QuickBooks Merchant Services or QuickBooks Payments is focused on targeting customers who use all the features in the version are managed directly via the application. However, you do need to integrate the Merchant services with the QuickBooks Online accounting software to actually make it work in coordination. QuickBooks Online Merchant Services can be used to send invoices to accept transactions that are swiped, and even set arrangements for recurring payments. You can populate the sales invoice from the products catalog from your customers’ list. The processing rates available in the QuickBooks Payments Online are cheaper as compared to the other versions.

QuickBooks GoPayment

QuickBooks GoPayments was earlier simply known as Intuit GoPayments. However, recently it was integrated into the QuickBooks family and eventually renamed. The thing about QuickBooks GoPayments is that it automatically gets synchronized with the QuickBooks Online accounting software. This allows you to operate the payments departments through tablets and smartphones. Although there is a detailed item library in the application, you can simply enter a quick sale without selecting any particular products. The GoPayments version is much more suitable if your business model is more of a retail type.

QuickBooks Desktop Payments

The software lacks the much more advanced cloud facilities that its smaller version possesses, but it does have a lot more accounting features included in it by Intuit in lieu of the cloud features. However, accepting mobile payments with QuickBooks Desktop is still an issue. You can send sales invoices and process receipts for sales. You can eventually populate these invoices and receipts from clients’ lists. ACH transfers are available for a cost of USD 1 for every transaction.

QuickBooks Point of Sale

QuickBooks Point of Sale is designed for the small-sized business houses such as mortar or brick retail stores and grocery stores. The best thing about the QuickBooks Merchant Services’ Point of Sale is that you can easily integrate it with any accounting software, however, QuickBooks range of accounting software can bring along numerous features that will not be available in other accounting and bookkeeping software. ACH transactions are not an option. A thing to keep in mind is that the Point of Sales Version of the QuickBooks Payments is a desktop-based tool so there are no ‘on the go’ options.

Assistance over the Phone

The technical team can be accessed via the QuickBooks technical support phone number. The team of experts assists the customer in the best possible way by assessing the core premise of the error and then finding the simplest and the most effective solution that there is for that particular issue. The goal, as per protocol, is to provide the most effective solution to the problem.

Remote Access

Probably one of the most effective and preferable solution methods there ever existed, that is, remote access. The technical support team uses remote access to enter into the system of the customer and fix the issue first hand. The trust issue factor can be well understood, given the number of cyber-crimes that are on the rise. But QuickBooks’ technical team is one of the best and most trustworthy there is. The solution is quick and effective.

Support via Email

The technical support team at QuickBooks Merchant Services is also available through emails. If you prefer using traditional emailing instead of remote access or phone calls, QuickBooks has you covered.

Support over Chat

QuickBooks offers technical support services via chat. An expert will be available via chat to assist customers in any way possible with the issue related to the QuickBooks Merchant Services.